Whether it’s your home, office, school, gym, salon, etc., it is extremely important to maintain a safe and healthy space. DAP National’s Powerful Electrostatic technology combined with our EPA Approved Hospital Grade Antimicrobial Solution is the safest and most effective solution. We can ensure that 99.99% of Viruses (Covid 19, Flu, Cold, etc.), Mold, Bacteria and other germs are killed, and your applied surfaces are Disinfected and Protected for 30 days. We are your trusted partner.


  • Residential
  • Places of Worship
  • Restaurants / Bars
  • Salons
  • Spas
  • Health Clubs
  • Schools
  • Office Building
  • Factories / Warehouses
  • Event Center
  • Day Care Facilities
  • Doctor / Dentist Offices

What to expect from DAP National when we service your home or business.

Inspection- Technicians complete a preliminary and post-application inspection to ensure comprehensive coverage.

Safe Disinfection & Sanitization Techniques-Our disinfectant solution is EPA and OSHA registered and approved, which means our product has been tested for toxicity and more. Which means our solution is non-toxic water based and environmentally safe, that is safe for adults, children, and pets, yet powerful against viruses, bacteria, germs.

Certificate of Disinfection-Following our services, you will receive a certificate that serves as your proof of disinfection and sanitization.

Preventative Strategies- We implement a customized treatment plan to help eliminate and prevent the future spread of viruses, bacteria, germs.

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