FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

A. DAP National electrostatic technology and EPA Approved microbiostatic solution kills 99.99% of SAR Virus ( COVID-19 and Flu ), Fungi, Mold, Bacteria and Germs.
A. No, DAP National uses Gold Shield 75, which is water-based, non-flammable, alcohol free, and contains no corrosive solvents or bleaches.
A. Yes, our solution will remain active and effective on the underlying surface continually for 30days, even throughout daily cleanings.
A. No, on average (2,000 sqft building) our team is onsite for appx. 45min – 1hour. The solution takes Appx. 15 – 20 min to dry.
A. No, GoldShield 75 will not harm or damage pet or plants. Its safe for all Adults and Kids as well.
A. Yes, our solution is safe to use in Kitchens and Eatery areas ( Dinning Halls, Restaurants, Bars, etc. ).
A. Yes, DAP National services include comprehensive coverage of all estimated areas Inside and Outside..
A. Once every 30 days ( additional charges for weekly or bi-weekly ).
A. Yes, all target areas will need to be clean first before we disinfect and protect them.
A. On average 1-2mins once solution hits surface. We recommend letting dry for 15-20mins to kill all other microorganisms as well.
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