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Infection Prevention Solutions

DAP National provides Premier Disinfecting and Protection solutions utilizing our electrostatic application technology, which kills 99.999% of Viruses (including COVID-19, Flu, Cold, Mold, etc.), Bacteria, and Germs. Keeping you, your loved ones, employees, customers and your property SAFE for up to 30 DAYS!!!

Key Highlights:

  • Electrostatic Method: Positively charges our Disinfecting and Protection solution which bonds to surfaces for 30 days.
  • Our EPA Approved Hospital Grade Antimicrobial Solution protects and kills 99.999% of microorganisms on your surfaces for a significantly longer time frame, up to 30 Days (Regular cleaning schedule recommended).
  • Electrostatic Spraying Advantages: 99.999% complete and uniform coverage of applied surfaces are Disinfected and Protected vs traditional spray and wipe (Average spray and wipe method only touches 50% of surfaces).

Without eMist

Without eMist electrostatic application

The entire surface not covered...

Electrostatic application of chemicals dramatically increases droplet attraction and attachment to surfaces. In fact, research indicates that electrostatic application is 8 times more effective than using an uncharged sprayer. This deposition of disinfectant happens when atomized droplets are discharged from the equipment nozzle and form a solid, uniform coating on the target surface.

Alfred Wilson

With eMist electrostatic application

The entire surface is covered..

DAP National utilize the EMist Electrostatic application. EMist proprietary adaptations of electrostatic technology and induction charging of liquid droplets. It provides precise, controlled, high performance liquid application and management capabilities for treatment of surface environments. Our technology provides a positive charge to the surface of the disperse droplets. EMist system average droplet size is 85 micros, so we are not considered a fogger or conventional sprayer.

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